The Spellman, a support-driven non-profit museum featuring an expansive gallery, library, museum store and post-office, offers memberships and various opportunities for engagement and participation.

The Museum has extraordinary exhibits and displays throughout the entire museum that illustrate history, current events, memorable moments in world history, arts and culture, among so many others. 

Called “a hidden gem” and selected as “One Of The 1000 Best Places To Visit in Massachusetts” by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. The Spellman Museum is among the top museums in a Metrowest readers’ poll, and selected as one of Nickelodeon’s top museums for children in the Metrowest area.

The Museum’s mission and goal is to ensure that adults and children can visit this unique and special museum honoring and making available the exploration of stamps and their history.

In addition to vast collections of U.S. stamps and international stamps, the Museum is home to exhibits on broad ranges of subjects with a tie to philatelic content, such as the Holocaust, storybooks, wine and food, kinetic art, history of coffee, quilts, letter writing, origami, children’s puppets, seeing eye dogs, and Helen Keller.

Established in 1963, the Spellman is one of two private stamp museums in the United States, sharing this distinction with The Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  Stamp collection and stamp appreciation is enjoying a resurgence.  The art, history, culture and beauty that postage stamps represent are engaging our nation’s youth, elders, and all of those who share interest in meaningful and fascinating educational content.

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