sunday dec. 3: family fun day at the spellman!

12PM to 2PM

The Spellman Museum invites you and your family to join us to enjoy holiday activities for children of all ages:

-Write letters to Santa 🎅🤶

-Create gift tags 🎁

-Enter our raffle! 🎟️

Attendance is FREE and open to all. See you on Sunday!



noun the collection and study of postage stamps.

As defined by Oxford Languages

Stamps tell stories and reflect the history of the postal service. They are miniature windows into society, culture, and identity. The Spellman Museum features extraordinary exhibits that illustrate national and world history, social movements, pioneers, and human achievement, connecting visitors with the shared human experience through stamps.

Stamp collecting has been around as long as stamps have existed. Stamps provide relevant and artful content highlighting arts, culture, biography, architecture, prominent individuals, world leaders, science, as well current events, major milestones and nature.

While their primary purpose has been to pre-pay for the transportation and delivery of mail, stamps have also helped to highlight shared values and experiences, and to promote human achievements, around the world.

The world’s first postage stamp was the Penny Black. Invented in 1840 by Sir Rowland Hill, a British administrator and educator, principally known for his development of the modern postal service, postage stamps would quickly be adopted internationally.