The Spellman Museum is a center of learning for people of all ages.

It preserves, enhances and expands its collections, library, and facilities and provides programs and activities as a philatelic trust for the lifelong education and inspiration of the general public.

Stamps tell the story of the history of the postal service, and the story of society, cultures and identity through postage stamps. We have extraordinary exhibits and displays throughout the entire museum that illustrate our history and common connections through stamps.

Stamp collecting has been around as long as stamps. Stamps provide relevant and artful content highlighting arts, culture, biography, architecture, prominent individuals, world leaders, science, as well current events, major milestones and nature.

While the primary purpose of stamps throughout history has been to pre-pay for the transportation and delivery of mail, stamps have also helped to preserve histories around the world.

The world’s first postage stamp was the Penny Black invented in 1840 by Sir Rowland Hill, a British administrator and educator, principally known for his development of the modern postal service, which was subsequently adopted throughout the world.

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